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CEO Evaluation

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Rank answers from 1 to 5:
Ranking Category Description
5 Outstanding Performance consistently and significantly exceeds expectations in this area.
4 Exceeds Expectations Performance frequently exceeds and surpasses requirements or standards for effectiveness in this area.
3 Successful The CEO consistently meets the requirements or the standards in this area. Results are what are expected of a fully qualified and experienced individual in this area.
2 Requires Improvement Meets some but not all requirements or standards for effectiveness in this area.
1 Unsatisfactory The CEO does not meet the minimum requirements or standards for effectiveness in this area. Further development in this area is needed.

Section I: Leadership

How well the CEO motivates and energizes the company and promotes a culture that reinforces its mission and values (constitutes 25% of overall rating)
1.1 - The CEO has articulated a clear vision and mission for the company and the strategic priorities to be addressed over the next 3-5 years.(Required)
1.2 - The CEO has developed practical operational plans consistent with achieving the mission and strategic priorities of the company.(Required)
1.3 - The CEO has created a high performing culture in the company including strong employee engagement and a focus on the members and communities it serves.(Required)
1.4 - The CEO has served as a role model setting high personal and professional standards and pursuing priorities with honesty, integrity, respect, determination, and energy.(Required)
1.5 - The CEO consistently demonstrates an understanding of the importance of innovation and has created processes for identifying and adopting new capabilities, products, services, technologies, and business models.(Required)
1.6 - The CEO consistently treats those in the company fairly and with empathy and understands the value of having a diverse and inclusive workplace and leadership team.(Required)

Section 2: Strategy

How well the CEO analyzes, identifies, and presents strategic options, selects the most promising, and allocates resources across the company to achieve strategic priorities (constitutes 25% of total rating)
2.1 - The CEO has led development and communication of strategy, including providing insights and recommendations leading to clear strategic priorities.(Required)
2.2 - The CEO has accurately analyzed the market and external environment and identified the risks and opportunities confronting the organization as well as strategies for mitigating risks and building on opportunities to achieve the company’s mission and goals.(Required)
2.3 - The CEO has accurately determined key criteria by which success of the strategic direction of the company will be measured.(Required)
2.4 - The CEO has ensured Board and organization understanding and ownership of the strategic plan by involving Directors, senior management, employees, and other stakeholders, as appropriate, in its development.(Required)
2.5 - The CEO has aligned the company’s operating priorities, resources, and budgets to the implementation of the strategic plan.(Required)

Section 3: Performance

How well the CEO leads the execution of the company’s strategy and produces business results that meet the needs of its customers and ensures the viability of the company (constitutes 30% of overall rating)
3.1 - The CEO has achieved the financial goals approved by the Board of Directors.(Required)
3.2 - The CEO has exercised good judgment in overseeing the financial health of the Company, including the adoption of sound accounting practices that meet professional and regulatory standards.(Required)
3.3 - The CEO has successfully executed strategic priorities and achieved goals approved by the Board.(Required)
3.4 - The CEO has established an effective organization structure for the company to execute its mission and goals which includes ensuring proper management focus on key functions, executive oversight, and accountability at all levels.(Required)
3.5 - The CEO has implemented processes to measure and report progress against committed plans and priorities, including financial reports, a balanced scorecard, and an enterprise risk model.(Required)
3.6 - The CEO has consistently made sound decisions about execution progress and made timely adjustments in strategies and tactics when needed.(Required)
3.7 - The CEO has ensured that the organization’s operations comply with legal and regulatory requirements.(Required)

Section 4: Relationships

How well the CEO engages with the Board and the company’s important stakeholders (constitutes 10% of overall rating)
4.1 - The CEO has established a strong working relationship with the Board and demonstrated a respectful understanding of its governance role.(Required)
4.2 - The CEO has provided significant information, important agenda items, and sound recommendations to the Board in a professional and thorough manner.(Required)
4.3 - The CEO has been consistently available to individual Board members whenever necessary.(Required)
4.4 - The CEO has personally championed corporate social responsibility and community involvement.(Required)
4.5 - The CEO has led the organization to develop positive relationships with its customers, the industry, and the community.(Required)
4.6 - The CEO has maintained positive, constructive, and professional relationships with the executive team and other key staff.(Required)

Section 5: Talent

How well the CEO puts the right people in the right positions to achieve the company’s mission and strategic priorities and ensures a stream of appropriate and prepared people for succession (constitutes 10% of overall rating)
5.1 - The CEO has overseen the execution of strong professional development and education programs for the organization and engaged appropriate staff to participate.(Required)
5.2 - The CEO has recruited, developed and retained a highly competent executive team with the experience, skills, energy and passion to achieve the company’s mission and goals.(Required)
5.3 - The CEO has maintained a sound succession plan for senior leaders that accounts for planned and sudden changes in the company, its environment, and performance.(Required)
5.4 - The CEO has established effective recruiting, education and work experience programs and processes to create a pipeline of future high potential leaders.(Required)
5.5 - The CEO has ensured that high potential candidates for senior management positions receive consistent exposure to the Board and governance operations.(Required)
5.6 - The CEO has consistently pursued professional development resulting in increased exposure, capabilities, and potential.(Required)