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It’s Time for the Blue & You Fitness Challenge

Say “so long” to 2021 and start 2022 strong.

Group registration for the 2022 Blue & You Fitness Challenge (BYFC) – Arkansas’ longest-running, free group fitness challenge – is open!

Teams or groups can register here. Please include the company/team/group name and contact information. The deadline for groups to register is January 24.

What is the BYFC?

The Blue & You Fitness Challenge began 19 years ago and is sponsored and hosted by Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield, the Arkansas Department of Health and the Arkansas Department of Human  Services.

This free three-month fitness competition encourages participants to exercise and gain points based on their activities. The Challenge begins March 1 and runs through May 31 every year. Businesses and organizations participate in the event as part of their wellness programs. Friends and family use the contest to organize and focus activities to stay or get in shape, infusing new energy into their routines, staying connected and having fun.

Who it’s for?

Everyone! Companies often use the Challenge to launch or compliment their own wellness programs. Team members motivate participants through peer encouragement, which makes it easier to manage fitness goals for large and small groups. Individuals also benefit from the easy-to-use logging platform and the ability to sync wearable devices to help keep track of their activities. The Challenge inspires anyone who wants to be healthier through consistent exercise.

“This is my fourth year as the Challenge administrator, and if there’s anything I’ve learned it that when it comes to health and fitness, we all have our own challenges and our own goals. And we hope the fitness challenge will provide an avenue that leads to improved health by motivating others to start, or continue, making healthy lifestyle choices.” – Kristen Lippencott, Employee Wellness Manager

How does the challenge work?

The Challenge works in stages.

From January 1 – 14, groups are created and registered. Individuals sign up to participate in those groups until the last day of February.

From March 1 – May 31, participants strive to exercise as much as possible, logging their workouts and activity on Wellable. Participants receive points for logging exercise and healthy habits and motivational health tips. Groups with the highest average points in their size category win!

Important 2022 Challenge Deadlines

January 24 – Deadline for group registration

February 1 – Individual participant registration opens

February 28 – Deadline for individual registration in groups

March 1 – Challenge begins

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