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The Blue & You Fitness Challenge is Celebrating its 20th Anniversary!

Taking part in the 2023 Blue & You Fitness Challenge is more rewarding than ever before

This year, the Blue & You Fitness Challenge celebrates 20 years. In honor of this big anniversary, teams could win one of multiple prizes totaling $20,000; while individuals could win one of several prizes totaling $10,000. What better way to celebrate?

Over the three-month Challenge, 10 prizes of $2,000 each will be awarded to teams by Arkansas Blue Cross for accomplishing goals such as logging activities and participating in on-demand classes. All teams are eligible for up to $2,000 in prizes. Individual participants are eligible to win one of 20 prizes of $500 each. All qualifying participants — individuals and groups — will be entered into a drawing to determine the winner of each prize.

About the Blue & You Fitness Challenge

For 20 years, Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield, the Department of Health and the Department of Human Services has sponsored & hosted the Blue & You Fitness Challenge, Arkansas’ longest-running, free group fitness challenge.

The Blue & You Fitness Challenge, powered by Wellable, is a free three-month competition in which participants are encouraged to exercise, make healthy choices and log their activities to earn points.

What started as a statewide fitness challenge has grown into a nationwide wellness initiative to build and reward, healthier habits. While it’s kept its roots in physical activity, the Challenge has expanded to a more holistic approach, including getting enough sleep, drinking enough water and meditating.

Who is it for?

The Challenge is for everyone! It is held from March 1 through May 31. Companies and organizations participate in the event as part of their wellness programs, while friends and family use the contest to focus on health goals, infuse new energy into their routines, remain connected and have fun!

How does the Challenge work?

The Challenge works in stages.

From January 1 – 25, teams are created and registered. Individuals register to participate in those teams until the last day of February.

From March 1 – May 31, participants strive to exercise as much as possible, logging their workouts and activity on Wellable. Participants receive points for logging exercise and healthy habits and motivational health tips. Groups with the highest average points in their size category win!

Through the Challenge:

  • 70% of participants have reported better health outcomes,
  • 64% have reported decreased stress, and
  • 77% have reported ongoing healthier behaviors after the Challenge ends.

“I am thrilled that we are able to host this event for our community, as well as past and future participants” said Challenge Administrator Kristen Lippencott. “Daylilies are the flower associated with twentieth anniversaries because of their strong and playful nature – which is exactly what the Fitness Challenge is all about. Building community, having fun, and focusing on exercise and daily habits to build a foundation for both strong mental and physical health.”

Important 2022 Challenge Deadlines

January 24 – Deadline for group registration

February 1 – Individual participant registration opens

February 28 – Deadline for individual registration in groups

March 1 – Challenge begins

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