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Aly Banys, Anna Mason and Reagann Harper: Summer 2022 Interns

Our interns at Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield get a chance to work on projects that can directly touch the lives of our members.

This is especially true for Aly Banys and Anna Mason, who are working in Medicare Advantage.

Aly Banys

“I intend to complete my doctoral degree in pharmacy and continue on to become a practicing pharmacist,” she said. “I intend to complete several years of community or institutional pharmacy practice to gain experience in the field before moving up to a managed care position and am hopeful to move into a managerial position in quality management or become a clinical pharmacist within managed care.”

Aly is from St. Louis, Missouri and Alpharetta, Georgia, along with five cities in between and the daughter of Jim and Raquel Banys.

Anna Mason

Anna Mason is a senior at the University of Virginia in Chemistry and Medical Anthropology.

“I hope to work in public health policy or implementation, either with the government or companies such as Arkansas Blue Cross to improve access and equality in healthcare situations,” she said.

Anna is from Virginia Beach, Virginia, and the daughter of Brian and Freida Mason.

Reagann Harper is a freshman at Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, and is studying Sports Management and Computer Science.

Reagann Harper

“After completing my undergraduate degree, I hope to earn a master’s degree in Sports Management from a power five, division one university. After receiving my master’s, I hope to work for/with a SEC football program or the NFL in their operations department. I can already tell through my internship at ABCBS I am going to learn multiple skills that are going to prepare me and help me achieve my goals.”

Reagann is from East End, Arkansas, and the daughter of Shelley Short and Chad Harper.

The Arkansas Blue Cross Summer Internship Program is a 10-week, full-time, paid learning experience. Interns participate in team-building activities, learn from professional coaching, receive hands-on, relevant work experience, complete special projects, participate in an assigned community service project and be involved in weekly leadership programs. You can learn more on our careers page. 



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