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Arkansas Blue Cross Named ‘Best Places To Work’ for 8th Straight Year

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield is proud to be named one of the “Best Places to Work in Arkansas” by Arkansas Business Publishing Group for the eighth consecutive year.

The annual survey and awards program, sponsored by Arkansas Business and Best Companies Group, is designed to identify, recognize and honor the best employers in Arkansas.

“Arkansas Blue Cross is very proud to be recognized once again as one of Arkansas’ best places to work,” said Curtis Barnett, our president and CEO. “Great companies recognize that taking care of your customers starts with taking care of your employees by building a workplace environment that allows and encourages people to grow and do their best. It’s a never-ending process, but I’m very proud of the environment and culture we’ve built.”

Arkansas Blue Cross takes the survey to heart

Arkansas Business’ annual “Best Places to Work” survey includes sections that examine leadership and planning; corporate culture and communication; employee relationships to supervisors; and pay and benefits. Employees complete the survey anonymously, and employers can analyze the results by specific topics and demographics, including age, sex, ethnicity, status, job role and department.

“Best Companies Group compiles a detailed view of aggregated responses and a full transcript of employee comments to open-ended questions,” said Arkansas Business Publishing Group Publisher Mitch Bettis, who has used the survey since 2014. “Management can use the data to benchmark responses coming from other participating companies and, more importantly, to benchmark progress within your company year-to-year.”

According to the survey completed by Arkansas Blue Cross employees, some of the factors that make the enterprise a great place to work include the emphasis on employee wellness, tuition reimbursement and the employer matching 401(k) contributions. Arkansas Blue Cross has nearly 3,000 employees who live and work at locations throughout the state. Many of the company’s employees and retirees boast tenures of 40 years or greater.

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