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Ashanti Poindexter, Jonathan Goggins and River Holland: Summer 2022 Interns

It takes people with different skill sets to make sure our members get quality healthcare and coverage.

Ashanti Poindexter, Jonathan Goggins and River Holland are working on very different projects for their intern projects, but they are all focused on improving our customers’ experience.

Ashanti Poindexter is a junior in data science at Harding University and she is interning in our Quality Information division working on improving communication between providers and Arkansas Blue Cross as a payer.

Ashanti Poindexter

“After college, I hope to work somewhere as a data scientist while I pursue my master’s, and later, doctoral degree,” she said. “Data science is a very broad field covering a number of different things. My plan as of now is to get versed in as many areas containing data, computer programming, and problem-solving as possible, starting with internships like this one!”

Ashanti is from Sherwood, AR and is the daughter of Boyce and Joni Poindexter.

Jonathan Goggins

Jonathan Goggins is a recent graduate of the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville in Economics and Finance. He is interning in the area of Health Economics and is working on utilizing data to build economic models, giving key insights into claims and the timeline in which they happen.

“My professional goals are to obtain a master’s in Economic Analytics from the University of Arkansas,” said Jonathan. “Past that, I hope to work as an economist, whether that be in the private sector, or in the public, ultimately using my skillset of economic analysis.”

Jonathan is from Joplin, Missouri, and the son of Gerard and Sandra Goggins.

River Holland is a junior at Louisiana State University in Business Administration. He is interning in Project Management and is working to improve customers’ experiences with two ongoing projects.

River Holland

“After college, I intend to enroll in a J.D./M.B.A. program,” River said. “During the school year, I have been conducting research with a graduate assistant on Political Communication and the influence of Geopolitics and its impact on localized economies. I would love to continue in these endeavors and hopefully be able to find a career where I can spread or use my findings.”

River is from Bryant, Arkansas, and the son of John and Jennifer Holland.

The Arkansas Blue Cross Summer Internship Program is a 10-week, full-time, paid learning experience. Interns participate in team-building activities, learn from professional coaching, receive hands-on, relevant work experience, complete special projects, participate in an assigned community service project and be involved in weekly leadership programs. You can learn more on our careers page.

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