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Friendly Face-to-Face Service at ArkansasBlue Welcome Centers

Maybe you’re not comfortable with technology. Or maybe you’re just confused or overwhelmed when making a choice about your health coverage.

These are common sentiments among Medicare-age customers. People with coverage through their employer may not have to make decisions about health plans. But at retirement, there are numerous decisions to make and a wide array of options to choose from. It can be a daunting process.

Fortunately, our local ArkansasBlue welcome centers are there to help.

In person and personal
Julie and Bill Bridgforth at the Pine Bluff ArkansasBlue welcome center
Julie and Bill Bridgforth enjoy the convenience and excellent service the Pine Bluff ArkansasBlue welcome center provides for them.

“There is kind of a maze to work through when you first start trying to decide what you need and what you don’t need,” said Julie Bridgforth of Pine Bluff, who went through the process with her husband, Bill, at their local ArkansasBlue welcome center.

“They could not have been nicer and more helpful,” Bill recalled. “The minute we walked in, we felt welcome and more at ease. They helped us find answers to questions we didn’t even know to ask.”

“Without a local office like this, it would have been so much harder to get all of that figured out,” Julie said. “And they don’t treat you like you’re asking a dumb question. They are very patient.”

Bobbie Kemp of Monticello agrees. “I do some of my business online, so it’s not that I don’t know how. But for me, with my health insurance, having that person sitting across from you makes all the difference in the world. I live 47 miles away (from Pine Bluff), but the service I get there makes it worth the drive.

“Bambi (Wilson) has gone above and beyond for me. I had a pharmacy problem, and she researched it and told me how to fix it. It was a great experience,” Bobbie said. “We laughed a lot. It’s great to have that kind of interaction, especially when you’re stressed.”

To locate the ArkansasBlue welcome center nearest to you, check on our website.

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