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Have a Dream Trip, Safe Travels with GeoBlue

Have a Dream Trip, Safe Travels with GeoBlue

A vacation out of the country is a dream many of us have – a getaway to a Swiss mountain cabin, a Caribbean beach hammock, or a table in a café in Paris. Indications are – for whatever reason — trips abroad are on the rise. More Americans are dusting off passports and checking itineraries for extended stays in foreign lands.

Passport? Check. Insurance? Umm … Maybe?

While travelers wouldn’t dare think of time away without looking ahead at the weather or securing the funds needed, most don’t consider the need for medical insurance. Some might believe their own health insurance will travel with them. Others might make the mistake that they will have no need to see a doctor or the inside of a hospital.

The assumption that no medical issue will come up while abroad is simply not demonstrated by the facts. A new survey by Harris Poll and sponsored by GeoBlue shows that while on a trip abroad, 1 in 4 travelers had to deal with a medical issue. Lucky ones only had to deal with minor issues such as a stomach bug. Unlucky ones had serious issues requiring extensive medical care in a foreign land. Without proper health insurance, a dream vacation quickly turns into a nightmare.

Coverage Gaps

If you haven’t looked at your insurance to see if you are covered by your health plan while abroad, you could be in for an unfortunate surprise. Some domestic employer-sponsored health plans offer no coverage outside the United States. Even for those that insure while abroad, there might be gaps in care and service such as paying upfront for medical care with reimbursement later.

Get Away for Safe Travels with GeoBlue

A travel medical insurance plan, whether consumer purchased or employer-sponsored, will address these gaps in care and coverage. GeoBlue consumer plans offer up to $1 million in coverage for less than $2 a day (subject to age and eligibility). Employer-sponsored plans can provide blanket coverage for employees, whether on business or leisure travel.

“Eager to travel and work from anywhere, Americans are making plans and getting their passports in order, but far too many don’t make arrangements for medical coverage abroad even though they know an illness or accident in a foreign country is a very real possibility. Consumers and their employers alike need to make sure these travelers have adequate health coverage while abroad,” Lynn Pina, Chief Marketing Officer at GeoBlue noted. “Think of it this way, if you need a passport, you need an international travel medical plan,” she added.

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