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HealthySteps: Pediatric Behavioral Health Support

For lifelong health, we must address the behavioral health needs of young Arkansans.

For children who are 0-3 years old, HealthySteps is a pediatric primary care program that supports parents, babies and toddlers so they are prepared across developmental, mental, physical and social needs. Through work with a specialist, children up to age 3 can access resources and screenings for positive childhood mental health development.

This pilot program is essential as pediatric primary care is the only system in the entire nation that reaches nearly all young children and their families with consistent connection.

Supporting Childhood Development

At Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield, we know the critical role behavioral health plays on an individual’s overall health and well-being. As part of our whole person health approach, all of the elements that influence health and wellness for Arkansans must be addressed, no matter their age. Together with the Arkansas Children’s, Arkansas Children’s Care Network, the Arkansas Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Blue & You Foundation, we are addressing the behavioral health needs of all Arkansans including early intervention tactics to promote a supportive community for children to thrive.

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