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Introducing a New and Better Arkansas Blue Medicare

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Ready for something exciting in Medicare Advantage?

In 2021 we are raising the bar on Medicare Advantage plan options. We’ve reimagined existing plans and designed several new ones to better meet your needs and budget.

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Blue is more

Our 2021 Medicare Advantage plans offer more and better choices. And with better choices, you can get a plan that delivers what you need most from your healthcare coverage. Our Medicare Advantage options feature:

  • HMO and PPO plans with $0 premiums and low copays
  • Comprehensive dental, vision, hearing and prescription drug coverage
  • Quarterly allowances for Medicare-approved over-the-counter products
  • PPO in-network coverage that travels with you more

Blue is value

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Arkansas Blue Medicare Advantage plans include valuable extras designed to help you stay your healthiest. You’ll have $0 copays on many preventive screenings, a SilverSneakers® fitness program membership and gift card rewards for simply getting Medicare-approved screenings and tests. You take care of your health, and we take care of you. It’s our promise.

Blue is confidence

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We’ve served Arkansans like you for more than 70 years. When you choose an Arkansas Blue Medicare Advantage plan, you get the peace of mind that we’ll be there when and where you need it. With our plans, you get a large network of doctors you know and hospitals you trust.

Blue is your plan

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The Annual Enrollment Period begins October 15 and runs through December 7. If you’re getting ready to age in to Medicare, or you are already a Medicare Advantage member, now is the time to take a look at Arkansas Blue Medicare. We’ve designed our plans to meet your changing needs. Our Medicare experts will help you find the right plan for you.

Want to learn more?

If you have questions or want to know what Medicare Advantage plans are available in your area:

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SilverSneakers® is one of the nation’s leading exercise programs for senior adults. It’s a no-cost gym membership for eligible seniors with access to more than 13,000 locations. SilverSneakers aims to keep adults active and healthy. It’s available to all Arkansas Blue Medicare Advantage members.

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