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Jada Allen, Alexis Clouser and Mark Kuykendall: Summer 2022 Interns

Our employees are already focused on our members, but a few of them focus on the needs of our employees. The interns in our Human Resources division are working on very different projects but they are all learning to serve our employees so they can serve you.

Jada Allen is a student in Social Work at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. She is interning in our Human Resources division working on diversity, equality and inclusion for employees.

Jada Allen

“After receiving my undergraduate degree, I plan to pursue my master’s degree in Social Work,” Jada said. “After completing the yearlong program, I hope to work for Arkansas Blue Cross or a company that shares similar values.”

Jada is from Little Rock and the daughter of Lakethria Johnson and Calvin Allen.

Alexis Clouser just graduated from the University of Alabama in May with hopes to pursue health and/or exercise sciences. She is working this summer in Human Resources as a health promotions intern.

“I would love to work in health and wellness in some capacity. I am passionate about holistic health and wellness, especially in the areas of exercise, nutrition, and mental health,” she said. “I want to have a large part in encouraging the health and wellness of a specific community.”

Alexis Clouser

Alexis is from Little Rock and the daughter of Ted and Stephanie Clouser.

Mark Kuykendall is a senior in Finance at Arkansas Tech University in Russellville. He is working in Human Resources in our Benefits and Compensation department.

“After graduation, I intend to continue my education at Arkansas Tech University to obtain my master’s degree in Business Administration,” he said. “In addition to building my career path in business, I hope to work for a company like Arkansas Blue Cross that prioritizes giving back to the community.”

Mark is from Fort Smith and is the son of Devon Adamson.

The Arkansas Blue Cross Summer Internship Program is a 10-week, full-time, paid learning experience. Interns participate in team-building activities, learn from professional coaching, receive hands-on, relevant work experience, complete special projects, participate in an assigned community service project and be involved in weekly leadership programs. You can learn more on our careers page.

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