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Meet Dr. Aaron Novotny

Dr. Aaron Novotny, M.S., M.A., is director of health economics at Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield, where he works to examine the economic impact of clinical services and population health interventions on members’ outcomes and understand how community characteristics impact members’ health trajectories and manifest as regional health disparities.

His background and expertise include behavioral economics, developmental economics and economic causal analysis and he is passionate about helping to build better healthcare outcomes for all through the lenses of racial, political and food diversity. He has published numerous papers on the subject including “Social Desirability Bias and Polling Errors in the 2016 Presidential Election” and “WIC Participation and Relative Quality of Household Food Purchases: Evidence from Food APS.”

In addition to his role at Arkansas Blue Cross, he is also an adjunct professor at UAMS Fay Boozman College of Public Health where he works with other faculty members on research projects regarding population health and dynamics while serving on dissertation committees.

An avid mathematician, Dr. Novotny previously worked as a mathematics teaching instructor for over four years.

Dr. Novotny completed both his Ph.D and M.A. in Economics from the University of Arkansas where he was the Recipient of a Doctoral Academy Fellowship Award. He received his M.S. in Mathematics from the University of North Dakota.

For the last six years, he has coached a local girls youth soccer team in his spare time.

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