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Missed Open Enrollment? Healthcare Coverage Is Still Available

Maybe you were at a wilderness retreat … or working on the international space station … or maybe you just forgot.

No matter why you missed open enrollment, if you still need health coverage, we have several possibilities that may work for you.

Just answer these questions:

  • Do you qualify for Arkansas Works? People who are eligible for the Medicaid expansion in Arkansas (Arkansas Works) can enroll for health coverage anytime. You can apply at
  • Do you have a qualifying life event? Circumstances that can enable you to enroll in a new plan (or make changes to your existing plan) outside the annual enrollment period* include:

– Marriage

– Divorce

– Moving to another state

– Birth/adoption/new guardianship

– Involuntary loss of health coverage

– Death of a person covered under your policy

  • Would a limited-duration plan fit your needs? Our limited-duration plans, Complete and Complete Plus, provide coverage for the length of time you need it. These plans feature:

– Comprehensive coverage with plan options for a single term (up to 12 months) or a renewable term (up to 36 months)

– Predictable copays for primary care doctors, with some plan options also featuring copays for specialists

– Affordable monthly premiums

– Prescription drug coverage

To learn more, visit

To view all our individual and family plans and learn more, you can:

You can read more about types of coverage in our basics of enrolling in healthcare coverage.

Don’t fret. Coverage is still possible.

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