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NAMI Support Groups: Weekly Meetings to Discuss Mental Health

No matter how big or small a behavioral health problem, having someone to listen is essential. We know that simply encouraging someone to discuss the mental health challenges that they or a loved one are facing can be helpful.

The Arkansas chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is on a mission to help people with mental illness, their families and the community live a stigma-free life. Through weekly support groups across the state, participants can find an empathetic ear to help process feelings and gain new perspective.

NAMI Connection is a support group for people with mental health conditions. These mental health support groups meet in Little Rock, Fort Smith and Cabot. Find a convenient group or call 800-844-0381.

NAMI Family Support Group is a support group for family members, significant others and friends of people with mental health conditions. These peer-led groups offer a private place to share behavioral health experiences on a weekly basis. Find a convenient group or call 800-844-0381.

Addressing Mental Health Stigma

The impact of the pandemic on the health of our nation and our state will continue to unfold for years to come. However, there are steps NAMI and the Blue & You Foundation are taking now to mitigate devastating behavioral health consequences for Arkansans. By addressing stigmas within our community, we can continue to normalize the conversation.

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