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The buzz about tinnitus

That ringing, buzzing, or humming sound in your ears isn’t just annoying; tinnitus can be a sign of hearing loss. Tinnitus affects millions of people around the world. It is defined as a sound in the ears not caused by an external stimulus.

National Tinnitus Awareness Week, February 5-11, 2024, helps bring attention to this misunderstood condition, along with ways to protect your hearing and possible treatments to reduce the sounds.

What’s that sound?

Tinnitus is not a disease itself, but it can be a symptom of an underlying medical condition. It can be a result of aging, loud noises, ear infections, wax build-up, high blood pressure as well as certain medications. It may happen in one or both ears and come and go or be a constant irritant.

If you are experiencing tinnitus, it is important to get a hearing test. A hearing test will help determine whether you have any hearing loss that could be contributing to your tinnitus. In addition, it may also help identify any other underlying conditions that may be causing your symptoms.

Get a free hearing test

Our seven ArkansasBlue Welcome Centers have hearing test kiosks that help determine if you need further evaluation from a medical professional. Our self-service kiosks are free to the public, and there’s no need for an appointment – just stop by! If you need further testing and don’t have a health insurance plan, our friendly representatives can help find you the best plan. If you already have our coverage, they can locate an in-network provider near you. To find your nearest location, visit

Help for your hearing

If you have hearing loss, many options are available to help you hear better and possibly manage your tinnitus. These may include hearing aids, sound therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy. Your audiologist can work with you to determine the best course of action based on your individual needs. Hearing is important to your mental health and integral to whole person health.

Tinnitus can be a frustrating and annoying condition, but there are treatments to make it more tolerable. If you are experiencing tinnitus, stop by an ArkansasBlue Welcome Center for a free hearing test or go straight to an audiologist. It could be the first step toward finding relief.

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