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UAMS Trauma Resource Center: Helping Students Cope in the Classroom

Arkansas children are exposed to potentially traumatic experiences at substantially higher rates than the national average. Not surprising, childhood trauma can negatively impact all areas of child development, including behavioral health.

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) Trauma Resource Center provides education, training and resources to teachers, staff and administrators of K-12 private and public schools in Arkansas to recognize and respond to the behavioral, emotional, relational and academic impact of trauma on students. The program also provides behavioral health resources to schools in times of crisis.

Learning how to identify signs of stress, grief and trauma in students and providing developmentally appropriate, trauma-informed strategies can improve classroom communities and enhance the learning environment.

Supporting Childhood Development

Establishing a culture of learning in a classroom can be even more difficult when students are living with or struggling to cope with past trauma. With Arkansas ranking 40 out of 50 states in overall children’s health and well-being, UAMS and the Blue & You Foundation know how important it is to partner with parents or caregivers, students and faculty to improve understanding of behavioral health and access to care resources. Teachers and administrators are instrumental for early intervention and can have a profound impact on improving the future of our communities.

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