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What Is Intellectual Wellness?

As humans, we are naturally curious.

Just like the body needs water and nutrients, the mind needs creativity and stimulation.

We call this intellectual wellness, a combination of ideas, knowledge and inspiration.

For many, the need to engage in intellectual stimulation and thought-provoking dialogue is a crucial part of their world. Without it, they feel deeply unfulfilled.

Everyone is different. Some dive into every challenge and opportunity that comes their way. Others stick to what they know and stay within the comfort bounds of their boxes.

Everyone should have a goal to enhance their intellectual wellness. And don’t think it’s about being “smarter” or spending free time in the library.

Intellectual stimulation doesn’t require books or a computer. Conversations with people of different backgrounds, practicing a new gardening technique, looking at or creating art, or listening to a great podcast are ways to stimulate your mind.


  • Be intentional about finding ways to stimulate your mind.
  • Create a gap between daily responsibilities and life stresses to alleviate feelings of boredom, depression and feelings of unfulfillment.
  • Try new things and get out of your comfort zone.

You may ask, “What if I don’t know what interests me?” Or “I don’t even know where to start.”

Think about your interests as a child. Was it art? Movies? Baking? Traveling? Collecting things? Once you do that, you can narrow down your options and exposing that interest or activity again.

Do you say, “I don’t have time because of work or family responsibilities”? Make time. Weave in opportunities to learn throughout your busy day.

For example, you can subscribe to apps and emails that send daily notifications for interesting facts or news about your interests.

Don’t let being a parent stop you either. Parents can create teachable moments for themselves and their children through reading, storytelling and even cooking.

Set a goal with your family to cook a meal each week that represents a different culture. Download some stories from other countries and share them with your children. Put away the digital every night at a designated time and read a book – a real book. You can spend time with your family and stimulate your mind at the same time.

This week, make a promise to yourself to incorporate intellectual wellness into daily life and start opening your world.

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