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Why Angela Winston Belongs At Blue

“Arkansas Blue Cross & Blue Shield raised me.”

Angela Winston started at Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield at a very young age. She has climbed the ladder of success, going from a temporary Customer Service representative to the director of Customer Service in her 23 years. These growth opportunities aren’t uncommon at Arkansas Blue Cross.

Angela learned about Arkansas Blue Cross from people at her church. She admired fellow members who inspired her through their positive discussions on how great “their” company was. It’s common for people who are satisfied with their jobs to refer to their organization as “theirs” rather than the or it.

“They were/are some of the most professional people I know, so to see the excitement in their eyes as they bragged about the company further piqued my interest.”

Health Insurance may not be a field that jumps out as offering job quality and fulfillment. But, when asked about the quality of her job, Angela compares it to a Forrest Gump quote, “You never know what you’re going to get.”

“Being able to service our members and providers is something I am very passionate about and take pride in doing. Customer Service is a very demanding yet rewarding job. We are the frontline and represent the company in every interaction.”

Angela contributes much of her success at Arkansas Blue Cross to benefits. Benefits such as tuition reimbursement allowed her to continue her education and learning and development training.

In addition to the benefits and relationships forged, Angela is proud of Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s reputation and presence throughout the community. “Being a part of a company that gives back to the community the way we do is unmatched!”

Angela is excited to share her story and would tell her friends, “Regardless of where you start at our company, you will have opportunities to grow.”

Angela firmly believes that Arkansas Blue Cross is one of the greatest companies to work for in the state.

“I now do as my church members did when I first applied. I brag about our company any chance I get.”

Arkansas Blue Cross has been named one of central Arkansas’ “Top Work Places” by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and has earned a top ranking in the large business category multiple times since 2012. The company has also been named by Forbes Magazine among the Nation’s Best Employers of 2022.

Along with tuition reimbursement, full-time Arkansas Blue Cross employees enjoy other benefits, like wellness education and exercise incentives, an in-house restaurant with a health-focused menu, and on-site gyms and workout spaces.

Arkansas Blue Cross employees care about their community and work together to help others. If you see a gathering of Blue T-shirts at an event, you are probably seeing our Blue team! And whether it’s within our state or around the world, Arkansas Blue Cross employees volunteer when disasters strike. It’s just another way we show that Blue cares.

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