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Blueprint: Your Trusted Source for Health Tips and Information

Healthy living. Wellness. Getting the most value from your health insurance. Where do you go for help with these goals?


Blueprint is the new name for a number of resources we use to share reliable information and fresh ideas. You can use Blueprint resources to plan a healthful future and choose a path for your healthcare journey.

Blueprint includes:
  • The new Blueprint information hub ( gives you information on your health, your benefits, your community and the future of healthcare.
  • The new and improved Blueprint magazine (formerly known as Blue & You), which is now also available on the Blueprint information hub.
  • Healthy conversations. Blueprint engagement materials can give you information on your benefits, highlight programs that can help you live a healthier life and empower you to take charge of your life and live it to the fullest. We want to be part of your healthcare journey. You will soon see Blueprint in social media or in emails that link you to topical health videos. Blueprint may help you stop smoking or guide you through a virtual doctor appointment on your phone.
  • The My Blueprint member portal. You can access this powerful self-service tool on your smartphone or computer to manage your benefits, find care, check costs, track deductible information and much, much more.

Blueprint can help you build a healthy life … or chart your best course through the healthcare system … or both! We’re here – with information and people you can trust – to help you design the life you want.

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